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Destination Wedding Hair And Makeup Artist – Spain

For me, it is always such an honour to be part of a wedding or a shoot anywhere. Getting asked to fly to another country for to be a destination wedding hair and makeup artist of for any work, of course that takes my happiness to another level.

Last week I was very lucky to be a destination makeup artist in the sunny Valencia in Spain. I was also double lucky as it is another place in the world where they speak a language that I am learning. My other language that I am attempting is French. Just a heads up for all you babes looking at destination weddings in France – hit me up ;-). My favourite french wedding venue can be found here and here

It was hot. Even for November it was hot. The shoot was for a new product launching next year and the brief was fresh and natural makeup. Oh heyyy – did someone say my name?

We had two models having hair and makeup done. They needed to look fresh and glowy – not sweaty. On set, shooting is often fast paced. The team shot back to back from 6am until we lost the light at about 5.30pm. This of course meant that any time saved would be beneficial.

The go to products for destination weddings must allow the skin to breath. It needs to look healthy and to stay for as long as possible. This all starts with skin prep. Using the right skincare can make the difference between makeup staying put or sliding off in the middle of the shoot or ceremony.


I am a big fan of French skincare and so my go to cleanser is Avene. This is great for sensitive skin. It rids the skin of dirt and makeup and doesn’t leave a residue. Vichy make a really great serum which is perfect if your skin needs a little more hydration. Sometimes you skin can take a little while to adjust to warmer climates. Adding extra moisture to it is essential. If your skin is dry, it can have a tendency to suck up any liquid on the skin leaving the face looking patchy – not something for a wedding day I’m sure you’ll agree.

My favourite moisturiser has an SPF in it which is absolutely essential for a destination wedding or photoshoot in a sunny climate. Some artists will tell you that SPF is not a good idea for photographs but it really depends on the product. Vichy has a great moisturiser with an SPF in and it will not look bad on the camera. Sunburn is also not a good look at your wedding and especially not ideal for shoots that last a few days. Models have to look the same though-out, not more tanned or burned

Setting Spray

Setting spray really is a best friend when it comes to makeup staying in place for a destination wedding or location photoshoot. My go to is the Urban Decay – up all night – setting spray.

A wedding hair and makeup artist who is experienced with destination weddings in warmer climates is essential. A good hair and makeup artist will make sure that your day runs smoothly.

I hope this helps 🙂

Bristol makeup artist Evie Smith sitting by pool side.